beplay以"敢于创造、精于创造"为工作准则,成立以来一直致力于房beplay开发和投资,现已完成开发面积67余万m2,销售总beplay超过30亿元人民币。涉及过高校beplay开发、旧城改造、新区建设、城市公交站改建等众多开发领域,开发过的产品形态包括商业登陆、学生公寓、投资型公寓、小户型社区及滨江豪宅等多种类型。 beplay十余年房beplay开发历程不仅积累了丰富开发经验,也铸就了一支高素质、高效率的开发团队,同时也整合了广泛的政府资源、媒体资源和高水准合作单位资源,为企业进一步beplay夯实了基础并营造了良好的外部环境。


Chongqing leshen industrial group co., LTD. (formerly known as chongqing leshen economy technology co., LTD.) was established in 1998, the registered capital of 100 million yuan, with secondary development, enterprise development smooth, healthy, is chongqing is one of the size of the real estate development enterprises.

Company to "dare to create, adept at creating" as the working principles, since its inception has been committed to the real estate development and investment, and has now completed the development area of more than 67 m2, sales revenue exceeds 3 billion yuan. Involved in the construction of real estate development, urban renewal and new district, city bus station reconstruction, and many other areas of development, the development of product form, student apartments, including commercial property investment apartment, small family, community and riverside mansion etc. Various type.

Company real estate development process not only more than 10 years has accumulated rich experience, has created a high quality, high efficiency of the development team, as well as integration of a wide range of government resources, media resources and high level resource cooperation unit, laying solid foundation for further development for the enterprise and build the good external environment.

Company since its inception has very pay attention to standardize the management, the introduction of professional management team to provide enterprises with management consulting, project feasibility analysis, product positioning, product design, engineering, construction, marketing planning, sales, real estate development, property management for all process implementation of standardized management, has now formed a mature system of standardization of product development, standardization of financial management system, efficient enterprise management system, targeted quality evaluation system. Company has been built for the internal network system, the introduction of enterprise management OA system, realized the paperless office, work efficiency is greatly increased.